Coca-Cola Store | Disney Springs


The Coca-Cola Store in Disney Springs is inspired by an original 1920's Coca-Cola bottling plant and incased in Georgia green glass.

The brand story and shopper experience is implemented through every detail, from the uniforms and shopping bags to the way-finding and story-telling moments.

Inspired by the original bottler uniforms, the ambassador uniforms are meant to adapt to a modern lifestyle through fabrics, styles and room for personal expression. The goal of these uniforms is to provide seasonal options and comfort as well as a modern professional look that the brand ambassadors are proud to wear. 


Agency Partner: IDL WorldwideDesign

Director: Deklah Polansky         

Designers: Ashley Tipton, Trey Veal

The design intention of the shopper bags was to tell a story of beverage intrinsics with proprietary assets and elevate the experience of gifting and affordable novelty items.

With every detail considered, the bags were designed to have small discovery and storytelling moments that the customer could take with them. 

"Coca-Cola" is the second most recognized word in the world, after the word "ok."